Giving Back


A Core Value

Transforming cities goes beyond owning, developing and investing in buildings. It also means helping the community through service, which is one of our core values at A&R Development. Our team is involved in helping to promote arts, education, health and technology to improve life for people throughout the communities we serve. We do this both as individuals and as a business.


Active Participation

We encourage every member of our team to give their time and talents to helping others. This commitment starts with our leadership. Among the many boards we currently or have served on: Baltimore School for the Arts, Centerstage, Johns Hopkins Hospital, University of Maryland Baltimore Foundation, Baltimore Community Foundation, Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, Global Institute for Technology Advancements and Holy Land Christian Society.


Financial Support

Through the William L. and Victorine Q. Adams Foundation, we have given millions of dollars to support the efforts of others to improve their lives and those of others. Our philanthropic efforts include awarding college scholarships and contributing to community organizations in areas such as education, art, and healthcare. We do not solicit requests for aid, but carefully monitor organizations and individuals who we believe will use funds wisely. This foundation was created in 1984 by our co-founder, William Adams, and his wife, Victorine, whose legacy of helping others is unmatched.